How do I Join OMP? 

Simply show up at Evans City or Sewickley and sign a waiver. Practice 1 time for free. If OMP is a place where your kid wants to train then come back and register for a 3 month membership. 


What type of memberships are offered? 

We only offer a 1 month membership for $100.00.  No exceptions. Due at the 1st of the month.


Can I just randomly show up and pay per practice? 

No this is not allowed at either location. 


What are the ages allowed to train at OMP? 

Currently we have 5 year olds to 17 year olds training. We only ask that your child has participated in at least 1 season of youth wrestling at your local school district. 


What are your hours and how many days do we have to train? 

Hours of operation can be found on our website. Each location has different start times. Families use their membership similar to a health club. You have the ability to train 5 days per week. Attendance is not taken so use your membership at your discretion. 


Can parents stay and watch practice? 

Yes. Either location has parent waiting rooms equipped with TV, WiFi, and comfortable seating. Parents are not allowed on the mats and are forbidden to coach their kids from the waiting room area. 


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