2015 West Penn Duals Results

Congratulations to the following teams who were our pool champions:

Gold Pool - Titan Black

Silver Pool - LAW

Bronze Pool - Junior Guns Power

Platinum Pool - Gladiators

Copper Pool - Free Agents


Thank you again to everyone who attended.  The competition was incredible.  Every year we see some of the best match ups better than most kids will see all season.

Also a big thank you to all the coaches for being so cooperative and handling everything in such a positive manner.  Everyone displayed class and integrity (despite being disappointed in a few officiating calls that we were disappointed in at times as well...).  

Our places we are planning on improving for next season:

1.  A tableworker band in addition to two coaches bands in the coaches packet.

2.  Providing individual Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for wrestlers who go undefeated, one loss, or two losses respectively, similarly to other National level duals.

3.  Adjusting the age group.  We will definitely be changing the age cutoff to 14 as of September 1st.  The decision to sort out is if 9th graders are eligible.  We will further discuss and seek out input prior to finalizing.

If there is anything you'd like to share with us on providing feedback, feel free to email me back.  I welcome input.

Thank you again.  Best of luck to everyone in the upcoming season.

Jennie Heinl