OMP North New Schedule and "HUGE" Thank you to everyone that made West Penn Duals a Success!!

The Evans City Schedule is now converting to the following schedule:


Tuesdays & Thursdays


6pm to 7:30pm - Elementary wrestlers up to 90lbs

7:30pm - 9pm - All Junior High/Varsity & Elementary over 90lbs


If an older/experienced elementary wrestler feels they would benefit more from coming to the later practice, they are welcome to do so. 


Sundays (starting 11/22! - please note)


7pm to 8:30pm ALL AGES


5:45pm to 6:45pm - Group Privates OR Strength Training ($10 per wrestler)



Reminder to get apparel order forms and singlet orders in before 11/24! (Order Form attached)




Once again a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped out at the West Penn Duals!  It was a huge success!  The event has achieved the level of being recognized as a NATIONAL level dual.  This would not be possible if  it wasn't for the help of an incredible group of people willing to pitch in and help out.


As far as help goes, we do appreciate those who signed up and gave of their time.  We know there's a lot of work that goes into making the event run.  We want to continue to refine our process with soliciting help from our families.  Please understand, events like this and The Battle in the Burgh in August are our biggest fundraisers.  We choose to provide wrestling opportunities as our way to avoid having to raise membership rates and not have people selling chocolate, magazines, raffle tickets etc.  (Fundraising opportunities might occur at some point in the future to provide families a way to offset their membership dues.)


Congratulations to both OMP Teams!  OMP Gold took 3rd in their opening pool and battled to a 2-2 record in the Bronze Pool finishing 4-4 on the weekend as a team.  The Black Team won their opening pool and went 1-3 in the Gold Pool finishing the weekend with a win over Junior Guns Strength.  We once again showed that the only teams we finished behind were State All-Star teams of Titan Black, Titan Red, and Indiana Gold, finishing out the weekend with 5-3 record against some of the best kids in the country.  We are a true club team and we use our own kids to get them the best possible experience!



Mike and Joe 

Jennie Heinl