Hello Members!

The start of the 2016 OMP season is upon us! Thank you for your continued support.

We have a new 2016 schedule for both gyms. Please feel free to email us.

Also your OMP membership allows you to go either facility. 

NEW! Hours for OMP Etna Wrestling Club

*OMP Etna will be open 3 days a week. NO Tuesday night session for upcoming season. 

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday  6:30PM-8:30PM


NEW! Hours for OMP Evans City Wrestling Club

All AGES UNTIL 11/20

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 7PM-8:30PM

*Schedule Changes 11/20 to split sessions:

Tuesday and Thursday 6PM-7:30PM - Elementary up to 100 pounds

Tuesday and Thursday 7:30PM-9PM - Advanced elementary and elementary over 100 pounds and all junior and high school. 

Sunday 7PM-8:30PM - All ages

Any questions? 





Jennie Heinl